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Please note:

Members should not enter any competition knowing that their holiday arrangements may jeopardise their ability to participate in any of the rounds by the due date, in particular Finals weekend.  If they cannot re-arrange their holiday they should consult the Competition Secretary to see whether any alternative arrangements can be made.  Please remember that all Club Competitions are arranged for the purpose of enjoyment and Members are encouraged to play in sporting friendship

These Rules supersede all previous Club Competition Rules in their entirety.

Approved by the Committee:  19th April 2009.  Amended following the Club Annual General Meetings 2010 and 2011.


1. Club competitions are open to full, honorary and student members.

2. Unless otherwise stated in these rules, the current edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Edition will apply.

3. If there are insufficient entries in a competition, that competition will not be run during that season.

4. All Club Competitions operate under the jurisdiction of the Competition Secretary. Any unresolved problems should be put in writing immediately to the Competition Secretary, who may seek guidance from the Club Committee.

5. All games must be played by the due date, unless the Competition Secretary has agreed an extension.  Players are urged to play matches as early as possible during each round, in case adverse weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent play later.  If any competitor has holiday arrangements or periods when they are not available during a competition round, he or she is to notify their opponent at the start of that round.  Extensions may be agreed by the Competition Secretary at his or her discretion in special circumstances, such as prolonged green closures due to adverse weather.

6. It is the responsibility of the Challenger(s) i.e. the first named, to contact their opponent(s), arrange a suitable date, book the rink in the Club rink book (clearly stating the times, names and competition), and, in the case of singles competitions, to provide a marker, if either player requires one.  A marker may be a member of any grade, but must be thoroughly conversant with the rules and acceptable to both players.

7. If the non-challenger has not been contacted one week before the end of the round, he or she must contact the challenger to give three dates on which to play the match.  If the challenger(s) cannot agree to any of these three dates, the match will be awarded to the non-challenger.  If both parties fail to complete the above, both will forfeit the game, unless the Competition Secretary has granted an extension.

8. Any game not completed on or by the due (or extended) date, or failure to provide written results, will result in a forfeiture of the game by both players.

9. A result card must be completed for each game, clearly identifying the competition, players’ names, date, and rink number.  Both parties are to sign the card, which is to be placed in the Result Box.  Only the Competition Secretary may enter the results on the Competition Draw Sheets.

10. National, County, District and Association matches (in that order) take precedence over Club Competitions in the booking of rinks.  Players in a Club Competition may be asked to re-arrange their bookings should their rink be required for a National, County, District or Association match, providing that a minimum of 48 hours notice is given.  Extension may be granted for any Club Competition due to the above circumstances provided that they occur on the last two days of the round.

11. In all Club Competitions, the appropriate dress shall be worn, i.e. greys below the waist, whites or club shirts above, except on days when the dress rules are relaxed.  In the Finals, whites are to be worn, with approved Club shirts for men.

12. Where a match is played to a predefined number of ends, should the game be tied at that time an extra end(s) shall be played to decide the winner.  Possession of the jack at the commencement of the extra end is to be decided by the toss of a coin, with the mat placed in accordance with Law 19.  (Ref Para 2.)

13. If a match in play is stopped due to bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances, then:

a. If 15 or more ends have been completed, the score counts as the result of the match.

b. If 8 to 14 ends have been completed, that match may be continued from the point reached at a rearranged date.  If this is not possible, the score reached will count as the result.

c. If less than 8 ends have been played, the match may be restarted at a rearranged date.  If this is not possible, both teams/players will be eliminated from the competition.



Competitors will play with four bowls, the winner to be the first player to reach 21 shots.  In the Ladies’ and Men’s competitions, the winner will represent the Club in the following year as the Hawley BC Champion in the County & District "Champion of Champions" Competitions.  All other rules apply for a singles match.


Each player will play with two bowls and the match will be played to 21 ends.  All other rules apply for a singles match.


No player may enter this competition if they have won, in this club or any other outdoor club, a Singles Four Bowl Competition, with the exception of the New Bowlers’ Competition.  Each competitor will play with four bowls and the winner is the player to first reach 21 shots.  All other rules apply as for a singles match.


A committee (composed of the Club Captain, Men’s Captain, Ladies’ Captain and the Competition Secretary) will award each entrant a handicap on the basis of "the stronger the playing ability of the player the lower the handicap   The handicap is to be noted on the scorecard for each player above the line where the score for the first end is recorded.  At the completion of the first end the score for both players is recorded as the total for the shots won during that end PLUS the handicap.  Scoring then follows on the normal basis.  Each player will play with four bowls and all other rules apply for a singles match.  The winner shall be the first player to reach 21 shots including the handicap.


Each player will play with four bowls and the match will be decided over 21 ends for men’s matches and 18 ends for ladies’ and mixed matches, unless there is a tied game, when Rule 12 will apply.  All other rules apply as for a pairs match.


To enable these Competitions to be run with an equal number of male and female entrants, those wishing to participate must couple their name with another club member of the opposite sex on the Competition entry form.

The names of all entrants to the Drawn Competition will be entered into a draw organised by the Competition Secretary to decide the match pairings, and these will be displayed on the Competition sheet.  Entrants to the Open Competition will play with their nominated partner.  Each player will play with four bowls and matches will be played over 18 ends, unless there is a tie, when Rule 12 will apply.  All other rules apply as for a pairs match.


This competition will normally be run over one weekend, the date of which will be published in the fixture card.

A list will be displayed on the notice board inviting entry in good time prior to the designated weekend.  Entry fees will be collected on the first day.  The Competition Secretary will draw the names of each team prior to the Competition and display the start times.  At the discretion of the Competition Secretary, organisation of the weekend will vary according to the number of entries.  The Plate may be competed for by teams eliminated in the first round, or it may be awarded to the team coming second if the competition is arranged as a round robin.


Rules for this league are displayed on the club notice board alongside the league draw.


This competition is open to any eligible member (see Para 1) who has been bowling for less than two years.


This competition is open to club members eligible in accordance with Para 1 and who are over the age of 70 at the start of the season.


In pairs competitions, the Competition Secretary may agree to a substitute for a player who falls ill before the competition begins.  That substitute will then play in all subsequent rounds.