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The dress code for most mixed and ladies’ friendly matches is “whites”, that is white above and below the waist. A club shirt may be worn as an alternative to a white shirt or blouse. This is detailed on the match sheet on the board in the clubhouse.

The dress code for all other occasions is usually “greys”. This means white or a club shirt above the waist and grey below. Ladies may wear skirts, trousers or cut-offs. Both genders may wear shorts, provided they are properly tailored.

The only time a club shirt is compulsory is for men playing in Aldershot and District league matches. The club keeps a small stock of club shirts, and more can be ordered as required, although there is a minimum number that can be ordered. Bob Gooding holds the men’s shirts and Janet Guess those for the ladies.

Exception: If you are going to the club for a roll-up, and you know there are no matches in progress involving other clubs, you may wear smart casual dress in any colour and of a similar standard to usual bowling dress. However,  if inter-club matches are being played (refer to fixture list) then observance to formal bowling attire is required. (A similar relaxation is allowed for new bowlers under training)

Of course, proper bowling shoes must always be worn, except for would-be members undergoing initial coaching. (They must not be worn when walking to and from the car park).