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Near the start of each season many players will be looking for markers for the various singles competitions. Many of those asked may be new to the task and may be unaware of the actual duties and responsibilities involved; and there are many misconceptions about the job.  Club members, particularly those new to bowling, might like some advice, to try to ensure uniformity while officiating.

All references to the laws of the game refer to the Crystal Mark Edition.

DUTIES OF A MARKER –  LAW 55.  The full duties of a marker are detailed in Law 55.  Some excerpts and amplification are included here to guide all Club members asked to mark for singles matches.

In the absence of the Umpire the marker shall make sure that all aspects of play are carried out in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

We don’t really expect markers in club competitions to carry out a detailed examination of the bowls for correct stamps, etc, but it is useful to note the stickers and the colour on the card for reference.  Remember that the marker does not assume the duties of an Umpire.

The marker should:

When an end is completed, the marker should:

When the game is finished, the marker should:

See that the scorecard, containing the names of the players, is signed by the players, and is disposed of according to the rules of the competition.