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You will be expected to provide a light meal at the end of the match.  

The Club provides the following:

Tea, milk, coffee, sugar, salad cream, mayonnaise, red and brown sauces, and butter portions for rolls with a salad tea.

You should cater for the number of players, normally 30, (5 triples).  Should there be any non-playing visitors who require a meal they must be charged £2.50 per head

The Club will reimburse you up to the following amounts:

36 players £45

30 players £40

24 players £30

18 players £25

You may claim up to £1.25 per head for any additional players or non playing visitors.

Please save all receipts and claim your expenses from the Club Treasurer.

Suggestions for Salads

Meat of your choice, quiche or meat pie or a combination of these or similar items

Half a hard boiled egg per person

2 or 3 cherry tomatoes per person or sliced tomatoes

1 cucumber (many people do not like cucumber)

1 or 2 Iceberg lettuces (dependent on size)


Grated carrot and grated cheese

Celery  sticks

1 small roll per person

Crisps or hot potatoes or potato salad

Tinned fruit and ice cream or a dessert of your choice or 2 cakes per person

Note  You may prefer to plate the meat or quiche or egg etc. and put bowls of the salad items, cheese and coleslaw on the tables for players to help themselves.  This avoids so much left on the plate.

Suggestions for Sandwiches

note  Medium sliced loaf = 20 slices

Allow 2 slices (one round) per person

Suggested Sandwich Fillings

 Egg & cress    

Egg Mayonnaise    

 Meat of your choice (with tomato or salad)

 Cheese with pickle or tomato  

 Tuna & cucumber    


 Lettuce for garnish   1

Dishes of carrot, celery, tomatoes, crisps

Tinned fruit and ice cream or a dessert of your choice or 2 cakes per person

All items listed above are only suggestions and members may provide what they wish

Please check if there are any Vegetarians or Players with other dietary needs